About SEO Specialist New Zealand

About SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist is a people-focused, award-winning digital marketing business. We have a track record of producing results both domestically and globally.

We Know What Works

“At SEOspecialist.co.nz, we believe in trust-based partnerships. When we work together, we will do our best to serve you, going above and beyond and going out of our way to do precisely what we say we will do.”

– Simon Hankins, Owner SEO Specialist

We work with some of the extremely well-known businesses in various industries, including e-commerce, banking, insurance, and media. We work with businesses to understand their business, design the best-fit search marketing strategy, and back it up with flawless execution to guarantee the brands meet their business objectives. We have unrivalled competence in executing SEO on a large scale, even for websites with millions of pages. 

We serve as our customer’s extended search marketing arm, allowing us to collaborate on a single goal and provide results faster. In addition, we act as an in-house SEO team, taking full responsibility for the goals set by the Digital Marketing and SEO departments. This assists us in ensuring that our efforts are not myopic and that we remain focused on both immediate and long-term outcomes.

We founded SEOspecialist.co.nz in 2021, understanding that there were already many digital marketing businesses. But we have seen sufficient to know that it was unusual for agencies to provide game-changing outcomes rather than just a digital makeover. Many marketers have not kept up with the changes as the digital world grows crowded and internet marketing advances at an ever-increasing rate. SEOspecialist.co.nz was founded to assist businesses in overcoming these problems and turning them into opportunities.

Simply put, we were fed up with organisations wasting people’s hard-earned money. True success in digital marketing necessitates expertise, ongoing education, and an unrelenting capacity to adapt. As new technologies emerge, we elevate our game and empower ourselves with the abilities required to stay ahead of the curve.

We are a rapidly expanding team of Search Engine Marketing Consultants who help major worldwide companies increase revenue via tailored search engine marketing tactics.

Our Core Values


Opinions are like agencies: everyone has one, but most of them are nonsense. The verified outcomes, the numbers, and the facts do not lie. Whether the view is yours or someone else’s, it isn’t very meaningful without evidence.


Our clients are the most important people in our business. We are not merely order takers here to do a job. Be so obsessed* that customers can’t help but fall in love with us.

* But don’t be weird about it.


Leave the whining at home. If you need to communicate an issue with someone, make it a practice to have two solutions ready to go. This implements to both your professional and personal life.


We’re all members of a championship-calibre team. We’ll help each other out, but no one here is going to parent you. Get up if you fall. Ask for assistance if you require it. If you fail, share what you’ve learned with others.

Every one of us is a marketer

Our Genius team could not be more diversified. Their degrees, experiences, and personalities differ, but they all have one thing: love and enthusiasm for SEO, PPC, and internet marketing.

We are a high-energy group of young entrepreneurs, marketing brains, and digital nerds that have banded together to form a true movers and shakers force. We’re not happy unless we’re able to make things happen. We keep on the move by being energetically collaborative, consistently inquiring, and ruthlessly innovative in order to solve difficulties for our clients and deliver the goods.

What makes us better?

  • We constantly promote individuals.
    We manage our employees as if they were family, and our clients are our top concern.


  • We always do the right thing.
    We work with honesty in all we do, not just when it’s convenient.


  • We fight for the success of our customers.
    We go above and above to ensure that you have the greatest experience possible with us.


  • We commit to perfection by paying attention to the smallest of details.
    We go to great lengths to make ensure that your stay with SEOspecialist.co.nz is both lucrative and fun.


  • We strive towards simplicity.
    We simplify complex situations by working smarter, not harder.

Our SEO Specialist Services

Our SEO specialised services are aimed at giving your business website the best chance of being found online in search engines, and gaining more organic web traffic, with exceptional website search engine optimisation.

search engine optimisation specialist new zealand

Search Engine Optimisation

We optimise your website for search engines to help people find your services and products better. We work to help your website be found easier and use the Google search engine as our standard.

seo specialist queenstown otago new zealand

Content Optimisation

We take a good look at your content and the quality of it. Content includes text, images and video. The higher the quality of content on your website the better chance you have to hold the users attention and time on page.

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On Page Optimisation

We check that your textual content is marked up correctly, images optimised and tagged correctly and content is not affecting your site speed. Search engines crawl your website and look for many ranking factors.

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SEO Consulting

We offer SEO Consultations to help you to understand and implement SEO for your website. We work with you to empower you to know why SEO is so important and what you need to succeed.

specialising in search engine optimisation

Data Analysis

We analyse your website data by using various analysis tools. This allows us, and you, to see what is actually going on with search traffic and what the users are doing on your business website.

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SEO Strategy

We develop a SEO Strategy for your business website and social media profiles. Our goal is to help your site be seen by more website users online to see your services and products.

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