Hutt Mover SEO Case Study

Hutt Mover Web SEO Case Study

We have worked with Hutt Mover for a few years now and continue to get great results for them. Read below more in this SEO case study.

Hutt Mover Website Search Engine Optimised!

Simon Hankins our SEO Specialist has worked with many clients helping them get consistent free organic Google Traffic for many years. In this case study we talk about the SEO work he has done for Hutt Mover in Upper Hutt Wellington.

Hutt Mover is a moving company that is in a highly competitive niche in Wellington. Simon has managed the SEO Strategy for over 4 years for Hutt Mover and has made sure that they have received steady free organic web traffic from Google over that time.

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SEO Case Study Summary

Hutt Mover came to us needing SEO work done on their website. So we said, “Yes, let’s get your website Search Engine Optimised!”

The SEO Strategy

The overall website SEO health has remained stellar even through this trailing period of Covid-19 and Lockdowns the web traffic has remained steady and extremely consistent.

Simon has worked on a strategy of firstly making sure the on page SEO is tight and correct. The next step was making sure that Hutt Mover’s Social profile was synced and setting up Google My Business since the word go. Simon has also worked on link building with good quality business directory listings. All white hat SEO methods are used.


The most important part of the SEO strategy Simon has worked on monthly is making keyword targeted pages specifically to target search queries mostly discovered by using Google Search Console.

As the history is now a good few years Simon is able to see what works and what doesn’t for Hutt Mover and works at keeping their leads coming in with next to no marketing costs for them as they don’t need to pay for any paid ads.

Proven Website SEO Results

With an above average Click Through Rate of 4.3% (Industry AVG is 2-3%) Simon is very proud of what he has achieved for Hutt Mover and will continue to achieve for the company. An overall increase of website traffic of 126% and continues to grow year on year!


Increase in Search Traffic

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