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Web SEO Consulting Service

Our Web SEO Consulting Service covers a range of business search engine optimisation needs. See what our SEO Consultation service includes below.

SEO Specialist’s Website SEO Consulting Services

SEO is the process of enhancing a website’s internal and exterior aspects to enhance its ranking on prominent search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. One of the primary goals of low-cost SEO Consultations is to increase traffic from organic searches and other sources. If your online company website does not appear in the top ranks of search engines, it might be for various reasons. Our finest SEO consultant services in the New Zealand team would be happy to assist you in determining and addressing these issues.

Search engine optimisation is essentially a jigsaw that must be assembled using various parts that include internal and exterior variables of a website. Furthermore, one should be aware that the process of best SEO is lengthy, whether in execution or in obtaining results. As a result, patience is required to see the success of our consultancy services in the New Zealand tactics.

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What Services Do We Provide for SEO Consulting?

If you’re wondering why you should select us, we’ll tell you what type of services we’ll provide. We recognise that each website is unique, thus the marketing strategy must be tailored to each one. We examine your website, study its history, and take a step-by-step approach. SEO Specialist is a search engine optimisation consultancy organisation in New Zealand, that specialises in organic, local, and worldwide SEO services.

What Does SEO Consultant Services Include?

Of course, you want as much traffic as possible from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As a result, several SEO consultant services in New Zealand, specialise in search engine optimisation.

Pre-SEO Cover

With the majority of businesses beginning their trip on the consumer route in Google. Search engine optimisation consultants explain the pre-SEO process and how to use it to your benefit, which is crucial for any firm.


  • Technology that is SEO-friendly
  • Structure of the Website
  • Keyword Investigation
  • Check for Duplicate Content

Post-SEO Cover

Please make certain that each page of your website has its meta tag. We’re putting up a list of all the addresses on the current SEO site. This may be addressed by exporting a list of Google-trafficked pages.


  • 301 Direction Verification
  • List of Important Backlinks
  • Google Sitemaps Refresh
  • Juice from Internal Links

Procedures for Routine Care

Best practises centred on user engagement and improving page content for relevant keywords. Great website content procedures include providing captivating care and regular material for users with powerful keywords that search engines will find.

Analysis of Targeted Competitors

We investigate what the competitor is doing. What’s working well for them, and what strategic mistakes are they making? We’ve got you covered, and with the assistance of our SEO expert services, you can quickly compare performance across all of your critical keywords.

Alternative strategy

When developing a website, consider the content and style and the alternative technological approach “behind the scenes” aspects that may significantly influence your site’s search ranking. Every SEO consultant service in New Zealand includes several criteria that search engines consider while constructing a website.

Reports are issued regularly

At SEO Specialist, we deliver regular search engine optimisation reports to highlight the progress being made and how it influences your business. Remember, a strong ranking is excellent, but if it isn’t resulting in more sales success, there may be other issues at work.

SEO Consultation Services Include:


SEO Evaluation

We have a competent SEO consultant in the New Zealand team that will begin by thoroughly reviewing your business website to determine which areas want improvement and which sections are performing well. Our audit encompasses issues such as off-site and on-site optimisation, site structure, backlinks, HTML markup, and so on.


Keyword Investigation

One of the fundamental tactics of organic SEO is to build a proposal by looking for the proper keywords to get the website to the top and attract more visitors. Our independent SEO consultant team has sophisticated methods for determining which keywords are effective and which are not.


SEO Blueprint

Following the audit, our team will provide a plan to improve the strategy. We devise strategies to obtain more outcomes in less time. Our strategy is based on the current rankings and objectives. We also create short-term initiatives as well as long-term local and worldwide SEO strategies.


Implementation Manual

Our skilled team will build plans and then focus on implementing each one on various social media platforms, drawing on years of experience. We build best practices by utilising resources and creating guides to educate our team members on effectively applying the methods. We will also concentrate on the new modifications, such as content and HTML markup, and analyse the outcomes.


Obtaining High Quality Backlinks

Many search engine optimisation consultants near me ignore keeping an eye on what the competition is doing. Our experienced website designer in Queenstown analyses the websites of your top rivals and devises strategies to increase the value of your website. We will examine their keyword approach, backlink strategy, on-page SEO technique, and content strategy. Such in-depth study allows us to identify further options to improve the website and another approach to address the mistakes.


Establishing Links

After evaluating your website’s backlink profile, our staff will begin looking for fresh prospects for appropriate link development specialists. We recognize the significance of having quality backlinks rather than a large quantity of low-quality backlinks. As a result, to create a new strategy, we analyse various factors such as opportunities, services, and industry. For blogs and websites, we provide the best link building service in Queenstown. In addition, we optimise your website for high search engine rankings, genuine visitors, and sales-driven leads.


Website Updates and Redesigning

It is also vital to keep creating your website regularly. And we have a web development team to help us do that. Redesigning websites entails more than just updating their overall appearance. It entails analyzing the structure, testing for conversions and format, and recognizing the positives and negatives in all aspects. Once the report is completed, the implementation process must be completed to avoid any SEO blunders, consequently increasing traffic to the website and boosting rankings.



Another critical factor that many SEO professionals in New Zealand forget or disregard is reporting. We never fail to do so when it comes to our firm. As part of a successful SEO consulting approach, our team detailed Google analytics and ranking monthly reports. Our experts will analyse the outcomes, devise new strategies, monitor new algorithm upgrades, and capitalise on the new prospects. A monthly report is required to determine how the data may be altered to get beneficial results.


SEO Customer Service

We provide our customers with complete client care service. We have numerous business search engine optimisation clients. With the assistance of our finest SEO firm, their websites have consistently ranked on the first user searches of Google, Bing, and Yahoo for their target products and keywords. In addition, we will assist you in creating customer support.

Our SEO Specialist Services

Our SEO specialised services are aimed at giving your business website the best chance of being found online in search engines, and gaining more organic web traffic, with exceptional website search engine optimisation.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We optimise your website for search engines to help people find your services and products better. We work to help your website be found easier and use the Google search engine as our standard.

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Content Optimisation

We take a good look at your content and the quality of it. Content includes text, images and video. The higher the quality of content on your website the better chance you have to hold the users attention and time on page.

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On Page Optimisation

We check that your textual content is marked up correctly, images optimised and tagged correctly and content is not affecting your site speed. Search engines crawl your website and look for many ranking factors.

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SEO Consulting

We offer SEO Consultations to help you to understand and implement SEO for your website. We work with you to empower you to know why SEO is so important and what you need to succeed.

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Data Analysis

We analyse your website data by using various analysis tools. This allows us, and you, to see what is actually going on with search traffic and what the users are doing on your business website.

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SEO Strategy

We develop a SEO Strategy for your business website and social media profiles. Our goal is to help your site be seen by more website users online to see your services and products.

Answers to Your Website SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is someone who has spent many hours refining their SEO skills. It takes time to learn and the learning never stops. We love seeing websites do well for our clients.

Will my website rank number 1 after you SEO our website?

Sometimes this is possible and sometimes it isn't. We aim to help your website, and it's pages, to be found by your target audience. Google, Bing or other search engines ultimately decide where you will rank overall.

How much do your Technical SEO Specialist services cost?

This depends on how much needs to be done to optimise your website. It can be a short job or an ongoing process over months or years. There is no one stop cost as each website is a case on its own. We will advise on cost before we start the work. Please see our Website SEO Packages for costs. 


When can we get started on our SEO?

Once you contact us and engage our services. We are ready to go when you are and can work in with you and your business. Contact us today and we will get back to you ASAP!

What do I need to do with my website SEO?

We will help you to understand what needs to be done and you can leave the rest to us. We update you on the process and what work needs to be done on your website, social media profiles and business directories.

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